National Councii(Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery For Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi
No. NC/JCM/20 16 Dated: October 6, 2016

Dear Comrades!
Sub: Brief of the meeting held under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Pension), Government of India on 06.10.2016, to discuss 7th CPC recommendation for revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners 

In the meeting, referred to above, the Official Side expressed doubt to have details of service particulars, i.e. date of promotion and subsequent increment etc., specially pre- 01.01.2006 retirees. As such, it may not be feasible to fix-up pension, taking into account of increment received in the post from which one has retired from service.
As per opinion of the Secretary (Pension), “if recommendation No.1 is accepted, Service Record of certain persons may not be located. This will lead to number of
litigations. However, we have produced certain pension dockets wherein all these things are available (where calculation of Qualifying Service was undertaken) and such
option should be left with individual pensioner as per ones advantage. The Official Side lastly suggested that, parity in pension, as was granted after the recommendation of V CPC, w.e.f. 01.01.1996, may be adopted for determining the method(notionat) of all pre-01.01.2016 pensioners.
Next meeting in this regard will be held at 10:00 hrs. on 13th October, 2016. Further, the matter of National Pension System(NPS) will be referred to a separate
committee. We have impressed upon the Secretary(Pension) that, four months time is running out. As such, decision on revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 retirees and the
matter of the NPS should be decided without any further loss of time. Meeting on Allowances, which was slated to be held on 13th October, 2016, has been postponed to 25th October, 2016.

Comradely yours,

(Rakhal Das Gupta)
NC/JCM(Staff Side)