No.NJCA/2019                                                                                Dated: July 18, 2019

All Constituent Organisations,

National Council(JCM),

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Meeting of the NJCA to discuss and decide course of action to fight against privatization/corporatization and anti-labour policies of the Government of India 

As you are aware that; danger of privatization/corporatization/outsourcing, in Railways,  Ordnance Factories and other Departments/Organizations of the Government of India, is looming large. The government is moving in full-swing in the direction of privatization/ corporatization of the Railway Production Units and Defence Factories as also closure of the Railway Printing Presses in spite of assurance given by the Railway Board(Ministry of Railways) that nothing would be done without consulting the organized labour.

No doubt, all the Unions/Federations are fighting and agitating this issue at the grassroots level, but now, time has come to take a united movement to face the challenge. It has, therefore, become incumbent on us that, we should keep ourselves prepare to halt government’s efforts of privatization/corporatization of the Railways Production Units and  Ordnance Factories.

To discuss and decide future course of action to fight against privatization/ corporatization/outsourcing policy of the Government of India, a meeting of the NJCA will be held on 25th July, 2019 in JCM Office, 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi, from 16:00 hrs.

You are requested to attend the above cited meeting of the NJCA.

Signed Copy