No.NC/JCM/2019& Dated: September 25, 2019

All Constituents of the JCM(Staff Side)

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Government’s briefing to the PTI on the age of superannuation of the Central Government Employees

There are serious rumours in the air that the Department of Personnel & Training(Government of India) has mooted a proposal in regard to age of superannuation of the Central Government Employees, laying down condition of either 33 years of Qualifying Service or 60 years of age, whichever is earlier. It is also being claimed by several sources that, this proposal has already been sent to the Finance Ministry for their approval.

In this connection, it is clarified that, this has not to be given any cognizance since it is not possible without prior consultation with the JCM(Staff Side), being an important matter of the service condition, affecting the Central Government Employees.