No.NC/JCM/2018 Dated: July 2, 2018

The Secretary,
Ministry of Finance(Deptt. of Expenditure),
North Block,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Pay anomaly in the Supervisory Cadre of Accounts Department of the Indian Railways and pay disparity with other Supervisory Cadres of the Central Government Services

Ref.: MoF(Deptt. of Exp.)’s OM No.F.No.25-2/2017-IC/E.III(A) dated 18.06.2018

Your kind attention is drawn towards the following facts related to the case:-

The Staff Side, while deposing before the 7th Central Pay Commission, had apprised to the Pay Commission that, subsequent to implementation of VI CPC recommendations, a peculiar anomaly arose where pay of the Jr. S.O. was fixed higher than that of a Senior Section Officer in Accounts Department of the Railways.

The 7th Central Pay Commission, while examining the issue, observed that, the above anomalous situation arose merely on circumstantial grounds and needed to be rectified. Accordingly, VII CPC in its report found merit in the above contention and recommended that, seniors must be extended the benefit of stepping-up of pay and further in line with their recommendations in respect of Organized Accounts Cadre, and there is no justification for excluding officers in the Organized Accounting Departments who are in erstwhile GP Rs.4800/, all officers in the in the Organized Accounts Cadre(in Indian Audit & Accounts Department, Defence Accounts Department, Indian Civil Accounts Organization, Accounts Department of Railways, Accounts Department of Posts and Telecommunications) should be upgraded on completion of four years of service to GP Rs. 5400(PB-2), i.e. Pay Level 9 in the Pay Matrix(Para 11.12.140 of 7th CPC).

The Government of India accepted the recommendations of the VII CPC on upgradation of posts/grades under this para, and recently, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, issued OM No.F.No.25-2/2017-IC/E.III(A) dated 18.06.2018, laying down that, the pay scales of the posts of AAO of the Indian Audit and Account Department, Indian Civil Account Organization and P&T Accounts, shall be upgraded under the pay structure of VII CPC w.e.f. 01.01.2016 as per Para 11.12.140 of VII CPC recommendations, but unfortunately, no such instructions have been issued till date in case of Railways.

It is worth-mentioning here that, the Ministry of Defence, in their ID Note No.369/C/2017 dated 23.03.2017, also recommended that, the above benefit be extended to Assistant Accounts Officer(AAO) of Defence Accounts Department as well.

It is further pointed out that, Supervisory Cadre of Accounts Department of the Railways is also entrusted with the responsibilities of presenting the Railway Accounts on widely accepted accrual bases accounting in addition to presenting the Government Accounts as per requirements laid down in the Constitution of India. It is also worth mentioning that, Supervisory Staff of Accounts are already performing their duties in high pressure due to huge number of vacancies and digitalization of work. There is, therefore, serious discontentment prevailing among the Supervisory Category of Accounts Department in Railways owing to non-extending the aforementioned benefit in Railway Accounts Department.

Therefore, instructions to Ministry of Railways, akin to other ministries/departments, should also be issued by the MoF(Deptt. of Exp.), to implement the aforementioned recommendation of the VII CPC, to place the Supervisory Staff of Accounts Department of the Indian Railways in erstwhile GP Rs.5400(PB-II) on completion of four years of service in GP Rs.4800, to do away with discrimination.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

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