Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission – Rejoinder submitted by NCJCM staff side

We have submitted a rejoinder on the report of VII CPC, seeking bilateral settlement on the issues related to VII CPC.
You are gracious enough to convene a meeting on 1st March, 2016, wherein members pf the Staff Side, National Councii(JCM) and Empowered Committee of Secretaries participated.
Subsequently, another truncated meeting was held on 30th  March, 2016. In both the meetings Official Side heard our views, but no re.action of the Official Side was expressed except general remarks.
I have been directed to draw your kind attention towards minutes of the Standing Committee of National Councii(JCM) held on t h May, 2008 and our rejoinder submitted to government in the matter of report of VI CPC.
You will kindly find that, it was not only a general discussion, but also Official Side explained their views on each and every issue.
I would , therefore, request your goodself to kindly arrange for similar type meeting for bilateral settlement on each of the issues raised by the Staff Side, NC/JCM before Empowered Committee of Secretaries.
Secy. Staff Side's letter to Cabinet Secy - 02.05.2016(1) (1)