No.NJCA/2016                                                                                                           Dated: June 29, 2016



All Constituents of NJCA, 

Dear Comrades!


Sub:  Cabinet approval on the VII CPC report

As all of you are aware that the Union Cabinet has accepted the report of the VII CPC today.

It has been noticed that there is no improvement in Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor as well, which was our hard pressed demand.  Instead, wages, as recommended by the VII CPC have been accepted as it is, which is highly disappointing.

Only two committees have been formed, one to take care of the allowances and another for National Pension Scheme, which will submit their reports within four months time.

It is quite unfortunate that, our demand for improvement in the report of the VII CPC has not been considered by the government.

Therefore, it would be quite appropriate that, we should go ahead with our preparations for “Indefinite Strike”, slated to be commended from 06:00 hrs. on 11th July, 2016.

 You are also advised to intensify the mass mobilization and strong protests on all the offices and establishments be organized tomorrow, i.e. on 30.06.2016.

With fraternal greetings!


Comradely yours,


(Shiva Gopal Mishra)