No. NC/JCM/VII(CPC)                                                                                              Dated: August 7, 2015

All Constituents Organizations,
National Councii(JCM)(Staff Side)
Dear Comrades,
Sub: Brief of the meeting held today with the VII CPC

Today morning I met the Chairman, Seventh Central Pay Commission, Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur and Secretary, Mrs. Meena Agarwal.
It was assumed that the report of the VII CPC, as was promised for 28th August this year, may be delayed by one month.
I have impressed upon him once again for improvement in the service conditions of all the Central Government Employees working in different sectors with special emphasis in the matter of fixation of Minimum Wage and other benefits.
This is for your information.

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary Staff Side

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